Is exercise good for health

Yes,exercise is good for health. It helps you to reduce the risk of diseases like heart diseases,heart strokes,joint pains etc. It is scientifically proven that daily exercise makes your life happier and healthiest. It prevent your body from many diseases and health issues. Daily exercise is also a good doctor for your body.

Do we really need exercise ?

Exercise make your health better. It helps you physically as well as mentally . Exercise increase your willpower. In this modern era everyone wants a comfort zone but they don’t think this comfort zone makes them weak, so we need exercise depends on various factors, including individual health goals, lifestyle, and medical conditions .

Exercise good for mental health

Many researchers show that the people who exercise daily have a better mental health and mental illness. So exercise is good for health and mental health also it helps you in depression also. Exercise is also a good for treatment of depression. Exercise keeps our mind calm and help us to do any task.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise have more benefit for you and your physical and metal health. Those benefits are good muscle,energy level,reduce stress,bettere sleep, avoid diseases.

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