Is Exercise Good For Health ? 5 Major Reasons To Do Regular Exersice.

Is exercise good for health ? The answer is YES because exercise can prevent and manage your body from many diseases. Regular exercise makes your body fit and help your body to fight with many harmfull diseases. Exercise reduce the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and some cancer etc. Exercise help you to maintain body weight and improve your well-being.

Exercise is very beneficial for body. Being physically active help you to lead healthier and happy life. Exercise also help our body to burn unhealthy fat. Exercise also boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.

5 Major Reasons To Do Regular Exercise

You know that exercise is good for health. But do you know 5 major reasons to do regular exercise. Here these 5 reasons given below.

  • CHRONIC DISEASES PREVENTION : Regular exercise helps to prevent and reduce many chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart diseases etc. It help cardiovascular to work properly. Exercise help our body to fight with many diseases
  • BONE HEALTH : Regular exercise help to increase bone strenght and bone density. It help too make our bones stronger and reduce the risks of bone fractures.
  • COGNITIVE FUNCTION : Regular exercise help to improve cognitive function, brain memory and brain functions. It also improve and boost the confidence.
  • HEART HEALTH : Regular exercise can help lower blood pressure and also reduce the risks of heart attacks. Overall it improves your Heart Health.
  • JOINT HEALTH : Regular exercise help and improve the joints, joints health and also relieve from the joint pains and stiffness etc.

Types Of Exercise

Is exercise is good for health. There are many types of exercise but some famouse exercises are given below:

  • AEROBICS – It is a form of exercise that combine with rhyme and help in stretching and strenghth. It help to improve flexibility,muscle building and cardio-vascular. It perform on music with group and there was also a instructor for train you. The goal of aerobics is prevent us from illness and help us for physical fitness. Aerobics classes are divided into many categories with different levels of intensity and complexity. In aerobic class there are 5 main components which are warm-up, cardiovacular condition, muscle strength, cool-down, stretching and flexibility. There are some gym’s that offer aerobic classes those classes are run by certified instructors.
  • POWER WALK– Power walk is a kind of walk in which we can’t run but we walk faster . Power walk help our cardiovascular system , burning bad fat and improve leg and joint pains. It also burn exessive amount of calories. It perform in parks, street-side and ground etc.
  • SWIMMING– Swimming is also a good exercise basically its a sport. While swimming our whole body is working which is also good. Swimming is exercise with fun and you can enjoy it. It improve health diseases ,heart rate ,blood pressure and also help to maintain body weight. It can build endurance and muscle strength swimming provides over-all body workout.
  • CALISTHENICS– Calisthenics is a form of workout and sport also it include your body weight while exercisse and help to buit strength and mobility. It is also a weight resistance exercise which help to build muscles and target multiple muscle at same time. It requires full range of motion and improve the body flexibility. This is also reduce the risk of injury and improve over-all health.
  • YOGA– Yoga is also a wonderfull exercise which are discovered in ancient time. It help to kill many harmfull diseases and improve body health. It helps in flexibility,strength and posture of body. It also improve back pain, arthritis and some other diseases. Some kind of yoga is like aerobic exercise to improve heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level. It can also manage stress, anxiety which can help to improve mood and sleep better.
  • RUNNING– Running is also a good exercise . It help us to bur calories and bad fat in our body. Running improve heart health , built strength, stamina etc. It also help to reduce cancer risk, stress and joint health. Perfect time of running is early morning and evening. If you are running near the nature you feel much better. Running is exercise good for health.o
  • CROSS-TRAINING– Cross training is also a form of exercise which include jumping, push ups, walking etc. It improve our cardio-vascular, muscle engagement, blood flow etc. Cross-training is best for reduce the body weight and maintain your body fitness.
  • CYCLING– Cycling is a sport and good exercise also. It perform outdoor but now there are some cycling machines and equipment which help to do cycling at home and gym’s also. It can control the risk of heart attack and joint pain. Leg muscles is priority muscle for cycling. Cycling is also good for weight loss. Cycling is exercise good for health
  • CARDIO AND WEIGHT– Cardio and weight exercise performs in gym and health fitness institutes there we can use weight lifting to train the muscle and built a good muscle. It can help us to improve strength and stamina . It can create a good posture of body. Cardio is also good for health and improve hearth diseases, weight loss and other harmfull diseases.
is exercise good for health

Is Exercise Good For Health Or Mental Health ?

Exercise can improve mental health and emotional well-being and exercise also help in many mental health conditions. Exercise, Yoga and Meditation both help our mental health and relax our mood and reduce the stress and anxiety.

  • DISTRACT FROM NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: Exercise can also distract our mind from negative thoughts. Exercise built positivity around us.
  • REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY: Exercise help us recover from depression and also reduce stress and anxiety. It also help to relax our mind and increase the confidence level. Exercise increase many happy chemical in our brain so we can feel relax after exercise.
  • IMPROVE SELF-ESTEEM: Physical activity can increase self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • IMPROVE MOOD: Exercise release chemical in our brain which are endorphins and serotonin which improve the moods. Exercise also increase energy, mental alertness and positive mood.

Is Exercise Good For Health Maintain And Reduce The Body Weight ?

Yes, exercise helps you to reduce and maintain healthy weight. Exercise also burn your body fat and belly fat. Maintain good body weight is intial for our health. Aerobic,swimming,weight lifting,running this is exercise good for health. The person with perfect body weight are looking so attractive. Exercise helps our body to reduce the bad fat and when bad fat goes from our body so the weight is maintained. Click here to learn more about body weight.


Question 1- Can we do exercise 7 days a week ?

Answer – No, exercise also break down your muscles to increase strenghth and stamina so the muscles need rest to survive from breakdown. You can exercise minimum 4-5 days a week.

Question 2- Can i do exercise at home ?

Answer– Yes, if you are not able to go outside like park or gym in this case you can do your exercise at home.

Question 3- How many hours we do exercise in a day ?

Answer– Its all depend on your stamina but for beginner you can do 1-2 hours a day and increase the little amount of time day by day. But for advance you can do almost 3-4 hours a day.

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